379646_641837895829736_821105402_nAs the month of great mercies draws to a close, as the faithful engage in final acts of Ramadan devotions, as believers anticipate divine acceptance and as Muslims across the world prepare for the coming Eid celebrations, let us close our series of Ramadan exhortations from Ibn Rajab al-Hanbali with the following:

‘Servants of God! The month of Ramadan has resolved to leave, and only a little of it now remains. Those among you who have done well in it, let them see it through till its end. Those who have fallen short, let them finish it with goodly actions. Enjoy the remaining few days and nights that are left of it. Bid it farewell with righteous deeds that will testify in your favour before the All-Knowing King. See it off by parting with it with the purist greeting of peace …

O month of Ramadan, be gentle! The tears of the lovers are streaming down at your departure and their hearts torn asunder at the pain of separation. Perhaps standing to bid you farewell may quench the flames of yearning that burn within. Perhaps a few moments of repentance and abstinence may mend of the fast all that has pierced it. Perhaps one cut-off from the caravan [of fasters] may find divine acceptance along with them. Perhaps one who was deserving of the Fire will be set free. Perhaps one shackled by sins will be liberated. Perhaps the sinner shall be shown mercy to by the Protecting Master.’1

Salamun ‘alayka ya shahr al-siyam wa’l-qiyam. Salamun ‘alayka ya shahr al-tilawati
wa’l-qur’an. Salamun ‘alayka ya shahr al-barakah wa’l-ihsan. Salamun
‘alayka ya shahr al-ghufran wa’l-ridwan. Salamun
‘alayka ya shahr al-Ramadan.
Salamun ‘alayka.

1. Lata’if al-Ma‘arif (Riyadh: Dar Ibn Khuzaymah, 2007), 486-7.

8 thoughts on “Bidding Farewell to Ramadan

  1. MashaAllah very emotional may Allah have mercy on the Shaykh and enlighten his place of rest for putting into words what hearts feel and few tongues are able to express and may Allah bless you for translating these words at this much needed time, may Allah accept our pleas and bless us with more ramadan’s.


  2. Jazaakallaahu khayra for a nice and timely reminder. May Allaah give us tawfeeq to maintain the craving to seek His pleasure.

  3. maashAllaah very sad Ramadhan is gone, our beloved Sheikh Ahmed Saad is going
    What a loss. May Allah swt put ease in our hearts.

    1. May Allah increase the Shaykh in goodness and continue causing people to benefit from him, wherever he is.

      That being said, sadness still fills the air.

  4. Jazzak Allahu khairan ustadh and may Allah reunite you with all our scholars in jannat Alfirdous ameen 🙂

    This is how I felt after reading your post last night..I hope you don’t mind.. nothing in comparison to what you and our scholars write 🙂

    O’ shameful soul…
    Here was another given moment to work on your flaws

    O’ shameful soul Have you lost your way between the dark clouds?

    O’ shameful soul what has made you keep these eyes dry?

    O’ shameful soul they told you to write all your goals down at the start..
    Little they know how much damage that might have caused
    Once you’ve fallen behind and lost track…

    O’ Shameful soul,
    Our guest is leaving us once more.
    There will be you, me and our deeds to be presented to Our Lord.

    O’ shameful soul have you filled your heart with regrets and remorse yet?
    As time is rapidly slipping away

    O’ shameful soul I know you’ve tried hard
    I know we’ve been tested with trials and hardship from the start..
    Hence I bring you glad tidings..
    that He is Arhaamur-Rahimeen.

    So Keep your head up..
    Look as high as you can..
    Watch the dark clouds floats across the sky..
    To show us the golden beams of His mercy upon ‘ibaadur-Rahman..

    As you raise your hands and call upon His Names
    To save you “ya nafsi”
    wa an yu’tiqana min alniraan..

    Rejoice my beautiful soul,
    And Don’t let this last moment pass us by
    Lay the foundation of humility
    And return to your Lord,
    O’ beautiful soul,
    Keep your feet firm on the ground tracing your trail for those behind..
    Even if it was crooked, lonesome or dangerous..
    Hope will teach us to see behind the dark clouds
    on this this Last day of Ramadan..

    Taqaball Allahu minna wa minkuum saliha Ala’maal

    Umm Shayma

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