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Moisturiser for the Heartsdreamstime_m_161803049.jpg

DESCRIPTION: In less than 180 seconds (3 minutes), this short video explains how we can best keep our spiritual hearts alive, and fit for purpose, through the necessary spiritual practice of dhikru’Lllah – “remembrance of God.” The Holy Qur’an teaches: Indeed, in the remembrance of God do hearts find tranquility. [Q.13:28] The video can be seen here.

Monthly Majlis: From Enforced Isolation to Spiritual SolitudeAurora-Borealis-Explosion-at-Lofoten-Islands-in-Norway-Northern-Lights.jpg

DESCRIPTION: Here is the video to April, 2020 Monthly Majlis (talk, plus the Q&A). The talk discusses how we can transform our current state of imposed isolation into one of ‘uzlah – that great virtue of spiritual “solitude”. For while businesses and consumer trade have come to a grinding halt or have been severely restricted, our transaction; our mu‘amalat, with Allah is always open. So how can we turn isolation into a spiritual blessing? And what gifts await those who seek their Lord in a state of stillness and solitude? These are the core themes of this Monthly Majlis. The video can be viewed here.

Monthly Majlis: The Five Degrees of Worldliness

DESCRIPTION: The theme of March’s Monthly Majlis is based on Qur’an 57:20: Know that the life of this world is only play, diversion and adornment, and boasting among yourselves, and rivalry in respect of wealth and children. The verse censures this worldly life – not life in the world, but life for the world – explaining its five progressively worsening levels: (i) play, (ii) diversion, (iii) adornment, (iv) boasting, (v) rivalry and enmity. View here.

Monthly Majlis: Man, the Cosmos & Knowledge of God

DESCRIPTION: The talk centres on three texts. The first is from the Qur’an: Allah it is Who created the seven heavens, and of earth a similar number. The command descends between them, that you may know Allah has power over all things and that Allah encompasses all things in knowledge. [65:12] The second is the statement of the Prophet ﷺ: ’Allah was and there was nothing other than Him, and His Throne was over the water.’ [Bukhari, no.3190] The third is when the Prophet ﷺ was asked about ‘where was our Lord before He created creation?’ To which he replied: ‘He was in a cloud [of obscurity]. Below it was a void and above it was a void.’ [Tirmidhi, no.3109] In other words, the theme of February’s Monthly Majlis concerns the beginning of all things. View here.

Monthly Majlis: Knowledge of Allah, of Self and of Sin

DESCRIPTION: January’s Monthly Majlis is about happiness as it relates to knowledge of Allah, of Self and of Sin. View here.

Monthly Majlis: Curbing Our Desires

DESCRIPTION: The Qur’an is adamant that we must all reign in our sinful whims and desires and avoid, at all costs, turning these desires into mini “gods” we submit to or become servile to. True growth of the Spirit is when our own desires (hawa, in Arabic) are aligned with what Allah desires from us. Whether it entails curbing our whims and desires; or fleeing from situations wherein they usually arise; or keeping our minds and hearts occupied with righteous acts; prayer and spiritual struggle are crucial weapons in this war. Controlling our desires, and trying to align them with what God loves and is pleased with, is the theme of December’s Monthly Majlis. View here.

Does Science Point to God or Atheism?

DESCRIPTION: New Atheism claims that science has done away with religion. This slide show responds to their three core beliefs: 1. Science explains how things like the cosmos work, we therefore don’t need God as an explanation. 2. There is nothing but the material universe, there is no realm of the divine. 3. Science is the only way to the truth and can, in principle, explain everything. Such claims are now disrupting many peoples’ faith in God, and so it is essential knowledge for believers to be able to reply to such claims – confidently and intelligently. View here.

Five Minute Meditations #1: Pressures to Water Down Faith:

DESCRIPTION: This talk is about the demands being placed upon Muslims to align their religious teachings with the liberal orthodoxies of the age, and what the correct response to such pressures ought to be. View here.

Palestine & Masjid al-Aqsa: Our Duty Towards Them 

Description: Given all the other calamities to have afflicted Muslims throughout the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, and the untold deaths that have come in their wake, why is the issue of Palestine so crucial and central? It has now been exactly one century since the Balfour Declaration, what has been the main upshot of it? What are our duties towards the Aqsa mosque, specifically; and to Palestinians, generally? How do sins and acts of disobedience to Allah impact on Muslims socio-politically? These are the key questions addressed in this presentation. Watch here.

Monthly Majlis: Remember and Be Remembered 

Description: The theme of November’s Majlis is about the need to tug the heart away from worldly distractions and spiritual heedlessness, and allow its gaze to focus upon divine remembrance or dhikr. View here.

Monthly Majlis: The Three Pillars of Spiritual Practice 

Description: This is the video from October’s Monthly Majlis. The talk centres around the three core pillars of spiritual practice: shunning the haram; being regular in dhikr; and keeping suhbah or spiritual company. View here.

Ikhtilaf: The Two Rules of Legitimate Differing 

Description: Two essential principles have governed mutual tolerance and legitimate differing throughout the history of mainstream, Sunni Islam. The first principle says that differing in the ummah is a mercy; the other, that there must be no rebuking one another in matters of legitimate differing. This talk briefly explains the basis for these two golden rules of differing, and the calamity and religious anarchy that has ensued whenever these orthodox principles have been unwisely ditched. I am grateful to Al-Salam Institute for allowing me to share the video, and for giving me the opportunity to speak at their 2017 Annual Dinner. Watch here.

Monthly Majlis: On Love & Being Loved 

Description: This was the short reminder in September’s Monthly Majlis. It discusses the exalted affair of mahabbah and mahbubiyyah – love of Allah and becoming beloved to Him. Whilst the quality of the video is good, the vantage point it was filmed at has much to be desired. Perhaps the flame of yearning that kindles in the hearts of seekers will melt away such an inconvenience. View here.

Finding Happiness & Inner Peace: 

DESCRIPTION: Given the angst and anxieties that plague people today, and the huge discontent which dominates the lives of so many, Finding Happiness & Inner Peace is a timely reminder about what is most essential; what really counts in life beyond the superficial consumerist madness. View here.

Darkness in the Hearts 

Description: The Qur’an speaks of how only purified and sound hearts will be worthy of Allah’s acceptance. But what is a sound heart? What are the main spiritual diseases that assail the heart and darken it? And how best may we purify our hearts from such diseases? This is the focus of the following talk. View here.


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