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Why Isn’t My Life Blessed?

In this podcast, we explore the question many people ask themselves in their lives; questions like: Where have all the blessings gone from my life? Or: Why is my life not as smooth sailing as that of others I know? Why does my life lack so much of the goodness and happiness that others have? Why is my marriage, or my job, or my relationship with others, so rough and rocky? In other words, Why isn’t my life blessed?! The Qur’an offers a deeply satisfying and pragmatic answer to such questions, which isn’t as complicated or entangled as one might expect. (Previous podcast can be found on iTunes, and also on this blog here)

Weaning Yourself Off Worldliness

How do viruses, self isolation or the need for social distancing, relate to the latest The Red Umbrella podcast, with its theme of Weaning Yourself Off Worldliness? What does it mean to wean ourselves off the material world? Where does money and wealth fit into religious practice and seeking God? Find out from the audio below, which discusses these crucial ethical questions that face us in our age of turbo-consumerism. (Previous podcast can be found on iTunes, and also on this blog here)

Knowing God is Like Knowing Your Neighbour

Many are keen to know about God’s laws. Others are keen to know how best to help God’s servants who have been wronged. But very few of us seem keen to want to know about God Himself, or want our hearts to deepen in knowledge of God. So the latest episode of this podcast seeks to help rectify this.

Islam, Progress & Progressive Islam

In this episode we discuss the issue of Islam & Progress, consider how we as individuals can best progress to God, look at the core ideas of ‘Liberal’ or ‘Progressive’ Islam, and ask the question: Is Islam in a crisis?

Open Your Umbrella

Here’s the first episode of the podcast, The Red Umbrella: Seeking the Divine Shade. It’s a welcome episode, explaining what the podcast intends to discuss, as well as why. Please do benefit, subscribe and also share.

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