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renewalOver the years, I’ve had a number of requests and suggestions about making a list of the Q&A content on the blog, so as to make it more user friendly. Finally, here is that list of Questions & Answers that have been directly or indirectly responded to on this site. And whilst, over the years, I have answered a number of queries sent to me, the blog is by no means meant to be a fatwa site, and I am far from being a qualified mufti. That said, when I do respond to a question or issue of concern, it tends to be a fairly thorough response, as opposed to a short, sharp reply. [Last Updated: 06/10/2018]

5 Cornerstones of Islam’s Bigger Picture

7 Principles of Sacred Marriage in Islam

7 Rights of the Heart: What Are They?

9-5 Job: Is That Part of Being in “Allah’s Path”?

10 Ways to Nurture Love of God

15th Night of Sha‘ban: Is Marking it Out as a Special Night an Innovation?

4o Day Spiritual Retreat: Does Its Have a Basis in Islam?

‘Aqidah Comes First: Doesn’t It?

Answering the Question of Science & Meaning?

Are Good Deeds Alone Enough for Salvation?

Are We Amusing Our Hearts to Death?

Are We Letting Time Whizz Right Past Us?

Are We Progressing or Drifting Dangerously Downstream?

Are You Living an Unexamined Life?

Are You on the Path of Knowing, Doing & Becoming?

Are You Seeking with the Seekers or Sleeping with the Sleepers?

Big Brother: Who Watches Who?

British Muslims & their Strategies for Living in the UK

Can You Find Spirituality in the Shopping Mall?

Convert or Revert?

Dhikr Repetition: Is it Allowed?

Did Abu Hurayrah Have Secret Spiritual Knowledge?

Divorcing One’s Wife at the Behest of Parents.

Doctrine of the Divine Attributes

Does Allah Love Everyone?

Doing Good for God or for Reward from God?

Egos, Earrings & Atomic Bombs: What of Hiroshima?

Fatwas: Do They Change With Time and Place?

Gender Relations: Beards, Hijabs & Body Language.

Grief & Loss: How to Cope With Life’s Pitiless Storms?

Hajj: What is its Spiritual Significance?

How Best to Keep Strife Out of Our Life?

How Can Hearts Be Softened?

How Can We Wean Ourselves Off the Dunya?

How States Seek to Domesticate Muslim Scholars?

How the Qur’an Justifies Itself?

How to Be the Best of Muslims, Not the Worst?

How to Get to Know God?

How to Know Your Soul & Grow Your Soul?

How to Nurture Presence of Heart With God?

How to Practically Learn Fiqh?

Insulting Islam: What Should Our Response Be?

Is Imitation of Non-Muslims & their Festivals Forbidden?

Is Islam the Only Valid Path to God?

Is Islam Rational or Does It Seek to Stifle Rationality?

Islam’s Earth Ethics: Are We Healers or Corrupters?

Islam’s Rational Monotheism in a Nutshell.

Isn’t Loving God Enough to Make One a Believer?

Jihad & Martyrdom, War & Peace

Joining Feet to Feet in Prayer: Is it a Sunnah?

Justice, Equality, Feminism: What is the Quranic View?

Khawarij Ideology, ISIS Savagery [1]

Khawarij Ideology, ISIS Savagery [2]

Life’s Trials & Tragedies: What is the Meaning Behind Them?

Male Lust, Female Forms & the Forbidden Gaze

Ma‘rifah: Getting to Know God

Modern Pursuit of Happiness or Chasing Your Own Tail?

Modernity’s Juggernaut: How Should Muslims Best Tackle It?

Moonsighting: Global or Local, Observation or Calculation?

Music & Dancing in Islam: On the “Happy Muslim” Video.

Pitfalls of the Practicing Muslim

Political Violence & the End Days

Politics of Idolatry, Beware!

Proofs for the Existence of God [1]

Proofs for the Existence of God [2]

Pseudo-Scholars & Half-Baked Knowledge: What Are The Signs?

Reading the Qur’an for the Deceased: Is it Allowed?

Reason, Revelation, Religion: How Do They Fit Together?

Sacred Knowledge: How to Seek It & Be Saved By It?

Salafis, Ash‘aris & Fossilised Theologies

Scholars, Speakers & the Culture of Edu-Tainment [1]

Scholars, Speakers & the Culture of Edu-Tainment [2]

Science & the Qur’an: Are They a Match Made in Heaven?

Science: Does it Point Towards God or Atheism?

Seventy-Three Sects in Islam: Are Most of the Ummah Deviant?

Should I Stop Making Dhikr If My Heart Isn’t In It?

Signs of the End Days [1]

Signs of the End Days [2]

Sincerity: How to Empty the Heart for God?

Study Guide to Hanbali Fiqh

Takfir: Its Dangers & Rules

Taking Money for Da‘wah & Teaching Religion: Is It Lawful?

Taqlid & Madhhabs [1]

Taqlid & Madhhabs [2]

Tawhid: What Is It & What Are Its Degrees?

Texting, Tweeting & Speaking: What Are the Islamic Guidelines?

Terrorism is to Jihad as Adultery is to Marriage

– The Four Imams: Did They Forbid Even the Layman from Taqlid?

The Greater Jihad: Is it Just a Myth?

The Obligatory Spiritual Journey: What Does It Entail?

Tyrannical Rulers & the Islamic Rules for Revolutions

Was the Universe Expecting Us?

Western Muslims: Prophetically-Inspired Voices of Dissent

What Are the Basic Rules for Religious Activism?

What Are the Consequences of an Unjust Socio-Political Order?

What Are the Rights of Brotherhood?

What Are the Rules for Rukhsah – Following Shari‘ah Concessions?

What Are the Seven Rights of the Prophet?

What Constitutes Legitimate Islamic Learning?

What Does Islam Really Mean By Worship?

What is the Difference Between Being Patient and Being Complacent?

What is the Golden Rule for Muslim Activists?

What is the Ultimate Fate of Good Non-Muslims in the Hereafter?

What Are the Rewards of Non-Muslim Doers of Good in the Afterlife?

What of Those to Whom Islam Doesn’t Reach?

What Now After Ramadan?

When Will Allah’s Help Come?

When Will Our Lands Return to Us?

“Where it Not for You, I Would Not Have Created Creation.” Is This Hadith Authentic?

While We Question Charlie Hebdo, Lets Questions Ourselves Too!

Who Are Ahl al-Sunnah wa’l-Jama‘ah?

Why Did Adam Eat from the Tree of Immortality?

Why People Choose Atheism?

Zakat: Helping the Needy at Home or Just Abroad?

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