Are the various conspiracy theories that have etched their way into popular culture true?


Have the powerful elites of every age sought to band together to control, manipulate and exploit the masses?


Can any of these conspiracies be conclusively proven?


Is God in full control of history and human destiny?


Yet many people forget this last fact and instead are obsessed with chasing shadows! Not only can conspiracy theories become an addiction, they can rapidly become a source of intellectual arrogance too. For once someone has plunged deeply into this toxic mindset, and filled their head and heart with such paranoia, balanced thinking becomes almost impossible. The theorist now thinks himself to be one of the enlightened elite who know what’s really going on, while the rest of us are seen as naive or dumb sheep that can’t see beyond the tiny patch of grass under our noses. Seeing the world through the conspiracy lens can foster a sense of empowerment, which can be hugely intoxicating.

But worse than the vanity or self-conceit is the untold amount of hours and energy that is squandered – time which might otherwise have been spent growing in knowledge of God, knowledge of Self, and knowledge of Sin. For how many Muslims do we find who know the intricacies of certain wild conspiracies, yet their knowledge of Islam is embarrassingly infantile.

Perhaps the biggest conspiracy at work here isn’t 9/11, the assassination of JFK, the death of Princess Diana, the fraudulent Protocols of the Elders of Zion; nor the re-engineering of global systems by the Illuminati or Bilderberg Group; and nor the various plots to control the population and its behaviour, like the spread of HIV, the fluoridation of our drinking water, or jet engine chemtrails. The biggest conspiracy may simply be how Satan, the arch conspirator, has employed this mixed bag of facts and fiction to distract us from growing in God’s obedience and remembrance.

Are conspiracy theorists all irrational or pathological? No, not really. The millions of them that there are around the world are too diverse to be put into one box. Some, for sure, are hooked on conspiracies because of a pathology. Some are obsessed with blaming others for the world’s woes. Some just enjoy the thrill and empowerment of ‘knowing the truth.’ For others, it can be more negative. Some can become so anxious about the supposed fact that certain powerful, elite puppet-masters in the shadows are pulling everyone’s strings that they are paralysed by fear; and feel that they can do nothing to change the world, or even their own life.

The Qur’an praises the believers, when it says: Those to whom men said: ‘The enemy has gathered against you, so fear them!’ But this only increased their faith, and they said: ‘Allah is sufficient for us! He is the best Guardian.’ So they returned with bounties and grace from Allah, and no harm touched them. They followed the good pleasure of Allah, and Allah is of abounding bounty. It is only Satan who would make [people] fear his followers. Fear them not; but fear Me, if you are indeed believers. [Q.3:174-6] To fear Allah is not a suggestion; it’s a command. It is also a reminder that Allah is in full control of His creation: no-one has rested control from Him; not even for a nanosecond. And knowing for certain destiny is unfolding according to His plan assures the believer’s heart and allays his fears.

6 thoughts on “Conspiracy Theories: Do You See Shadows At Every Turn?

    1. Jazakallahu khyaran and thank you for the link, br Yahya. I hope to watch the talk when I get some free time.

      However, please do permit me a small observation:

      When someone invites others to their house for a dinner invitation, it is courtesy; adab, from those who attend and partake of the food to maybe say a few kind words to the host at the end. Even if the food wasn’t very good, one at least thanks the host for their efforts and intention.

      To eat one’s fill, and then utter no word of appreciation to the host would be odd; but perhaps excusable. Odder still, would be to eat, not be appreciative, but then say: “Oh, there’s actually a better invite at so-and so’s house!’

      I’m sure you’d agree?

      Finally, I would also say this: the banquet of Mawlana Tariq Jameel will always be much better than the few crumbs I could ever offer in my dinner invites

      Your brother,
      Surkheel Abu Aaliyah.

      1. I’m sorry, I was rushing and posted in haste. I did not intend any offence, I enjoyed your article (like I always do) and just wanted to point out other clips I have benefited from on similar topic. Please forgive me your “food for thought” is delicious, especially as it is in English language!

        1. May Allah reward you with abundant goodness, Yahya. I’m sure it was just an oversight in haste; and don’t we all make mistakes in haste. I have no doubt that you are a person of adab, as your comments clearly demonstrate; mashallah. And I’m sorry if I came across too sternly or judgementally. That wasn’t my brotherly intention.

          I hope you continue to enjoy the small servings The Humble I has to offer; and please do keep me in your prayers.

  1. Shaykh, I’ve sent you an email asking do you have written any books? I would like to translate your books and publish. Previously I’ve translated one of your popular articles titles “Jihad is to terrorism as Adultery is to Marriage”.

    1. May Allah bless you, Masud, for your efforts and endeavours.

      I will respond tom your email in the next day or so, inshallah. But could I request that you email me your postal address, so I can send you three books that I have thus far published. You can then decide if they are worth translating.

      Also, is there any chance of linking to what you’ve already translated?

      Again, may Allah grant you great goodness and tawfiq.

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