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The Garments of Necessity, Beauty & Piety

Having explained how Satan deceived Adam and his wife, peace be upon them, to eat of the tree, thereby exposing their nakedness [Q.7:22-25], this verse speaks of God’s grace in how he teaches us to cover our nakedness and adorn ourselves with clothes. It also teaches us that there is a close link between the garments one wears to cover their nakedness and dress respectably, on the one hand, and being dutiful to God and cultivating inward virtues, on the other. This reflection is drawn, in the main, from al-Qurtubi’s tafsir.

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5 thoughts on “The Garments of Necessity, Beauty & Piety

  1. Talha on said:

    Smashing it with these infographics. As I advised before, try to get the blog contents into a book that is archived at BL and elsewhere before it’s lost. Remember floppy disks? Shakespeare’s folios still legible…

    • Surkheel Abu Aaliyah on said:

      Thank you for the repeated encouragement. Quite a few others have also suggested the same thing. In principle, I would like to do that. In practice, I’m not quite sure where to begin in terms of what to include and how to arrange the material.

      Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated, br Talha.

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