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Me, My Soul & I

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5 thoughts on “Me, My Soul & I

  1. I wish I could be there, but I’m an ocean away (geographically) … however, my heart is with you as a dear brother in Islam; I love you for the sake of Allaah.

  2. May He for whose sake you love me, love you also. May Allah bless you and your family, brother Saeed and guide us all to His good pleasure.

  3. Abdullah Carter on said:

    What an absolutely amazing event, mashallah. Shaykh Abu Aliya well done to you and your team (Esp Tahajud)

  4. MashaAllah a truly inspiring event. Must be held again, up and down the country. Covered the 3 areas most of us need help and guidance in: our prayer, the dunya and remembering Allah. JazakumAllah khairan to all involved especially the two speakers, may Allah continue to benefit us through them.

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